Into the Fire at Burning Coal Theatre

The Burning Coal Theatre Company podcast series, hosted by Artistic Director Jerome Davis

EPISODE 92: Jeremy Vance

December 3rd, 2022

In this episode, stage manager Jeremy Vance talks SILENT SKY as well his past Burning Coal productions, A GREAT BIG WOOLLY MAMMOTH THAWING FROM THE ICE and I AND YOU.

  1. Intro: 0:12
  2. Jeremy’s Background in theatre: 1:12
  3. What is a Stage Manager?: 7:18
  4. Jeremy’s Approach to SMing: 10:09
  5. Jeremy’s experience other areas of theatre: 12:15
  6. Other Theatre’s Jeremy’s worked with: 13:25
  7. Other artists that inspire Jeremy’s work as an SM: 14:24
  8. David Korins aesthetic: 17:02
  9. Hardest part SMing a show: 19:00
  10. How to get into SMing: 22:26
  11. Should you learn about other aspects of theatre?: 23:46
  12. Goodbyes and Outdo: 24:36

EPISODE 91: Dana Bouquin

October 17th, 2022

In this episode, Artistic Director Jerome Davis talks to Dana Bouquin about the impact of Henrietta Leavitt in real life. Join us for SILENT SKY to experience Henrietta's journey.

Time Stamps:

  • Intro, 0:00
  • Dana’s work 1:13
  • Librarian or Astrophysicist? 3:10
  • Dana’s Background 4:10
  • What is astrophysics? 6:43
  • Women’s history in STEM 9:37
  • Henrietta Levitt and her impact on Astrophysics 10:40 
  • Henrietta’s Role at Harvard College Observatory 14:45
  • Glass Plate Photography 16:27
  • The relationship between Arts and Sciences 19:!7
  • What’s next in Astrophysics? 22:19
  • Why is Astronomy important? 24:15
  • Wrap up  25:50

EPISODE 91: Sean Moran

October 13th, 2022

Sean Moran, Collections Manager of Paleontology and Geology at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, talks to us about the real-world background of A GREAT BIG WOOLLY MAMMOTH THAWING FROM THE ICE.


  • Intro: 0:13
  • Who is Our guest? 0:25
  • What is Climate? 2:13
  • Global climate shifts over the years and their affects 3:21
  • Evolution of mammoths 9:00
  • Mammoths found in ice 9:57
  • Bringing Mammoths back from extinction 10:52
  • How has climate change impacted specimen discoveries 12:08 
  • Specimen collection process 17:10
  • Why museums want fossils 18:23
  • Monetary values and fossils 18:46
  • Link between western industrialization and climate change? 23:34
  • What should we do to fight climate change?  27:29
  • Can art have an impact on climate change?  31:10
  • Outro: 34:26

EPISODE 90: Lucy Jane Atkinson

September 14th, 2022

Lucy Jane Atkinson talks about her role as director for the world premiere of A GREAT BIG WOOLLY MAMMOTH THAWING FROM THE ICE.


Time Stamps:

  • Intro, 0:00
  • Lucy’s Recent Projects 0:48
  • How she gets it done 5:26
  • On working with Tatty 7:28
  • Working on new v. Old works 9:32
  • Lucy’s process working with actors  10:57
  • Working with Playwrights 19:50
  • Working on Great Big Woolly Mammoth 25:40
  • Outro 29:27

EPISODE 89: David Wybrow of The Cockpit

September 13th, 2022

On this episode, artistic director of the London theatre The Cockpit discusses Burning Coal's upcoming London production of TALLEY'S FOLLY.

Time Stamps:

    • Introduction, 0:00
    • What is the cockpit? 0:56
    • What’s the community? 2:04
    • When did Dave join the cockpit? 4:20
    • Cockpit’s building history: 4:40
    • Dave’s Childhood 5:55
    • Dave’s intro to theatre 12:20
    • Young people and theatergoing today 18:12
    • About New York voices: 22:37
    • How does Talley’s Folley fit at cock pit? 24:40
    • Outro 29:29

EPISODE 88: Jennifer Suchanec

June 13th, 2022

On this episode, actor Jennifer Suchanec discusses WHAT IF IF ONLY & AIR and her Burning Coal past.

EPISODE 87: KidsWrite Playwrights 2022

May 24th, 2022


Artistic Director Jerome Davis sits down with three of the five playwrights selected for this year's KidsWrite Festival! Graham Woods (Vince Gumshoes: Boom Service!), Isabel Richman (Fill In The Blank), and Millie Soler (Funny Business) talk about their playwrighting inspirations and backgrounds.


The 2022 KIDSWRITE FESTIVAL will livestream for free on  on May 27 & 28 at 7pm.

This year's selected plays are:




FILL IN THE BLANK - Isabel Richman

FUNNY BUSINESS - by Ms. Huffman's Class; Nevaeh Aravena, Calvin Bennett, Anais Cruz, Carla Hilal, Molly Huffman, Connor Keene, Kendal Morgan, Faith Obaigbena, Aryia Roberts, Josie Robertson, Millie Soler, Arwen Wylie

EPISODE 86: Doug Lively and Alan Rich

March 30th, 2022

On this episode, we're joined by Doug Lively and Alan Rich, both NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Solar System Ambassadors, who provide context and insight for our upcoming production of THE LIFE OF GALILEO.


Episode 85: Annelle Sheline and the Mud of Reality

February 3rd, 2022

This episode is part of our 25th Anniversary Season Celebration.

Annelle grew up in the Triangle area and made an impact with Burning Coal Theatre during high school in The Lysistrata Project (2003). While attending the Gallatin School at NYU, she further developed her interest in political science and now works at the prestigious think tank The Quincy Institute.

Ana Radalescu also joins in the conversation as our new Associate Artistic Director.

Episode 84: Ken Hinton

January 14th, 2022

On this episode, we're joined by the director of Art by Yasmina Reza, Ken Hinton. He discusses his influences, working as a professor of theatre at Shaw University and NC Central University, and founding the Agape Theatre Project in Durham, NC.

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