Into the Fire at Burning Coal Theatre

The Burning Coal Theatre Company podcast series, hosted by Artistic Director Jerome Davis

Episode 76: KidsWrite 2021 Playwrights

May 28th, 2021

On this week’s episode, you can hear from 3 of our amazing KidsWrite playwrights!
These students, Grace Niesel, Josie Perry and Jonan Reynolds tell you about their experience in
writing and with KidsWrite along with advice and inspiration to other young writers! Be sure to
watch their plays livestreams on May 28th and May 29th at 7pm!

Introduction- 0:00-0:48

KidsWrite 2021 Information- 0:48-2:32

Introductions of Special Guests- 2:32-4:50

Josie’s and Grace’s Synopsis and Basic Information of their pieces- 4:50-6:58

Grace’s and Josie’s Writing Background and Inspiration- 6:58-10:42

Grace’s Writing Process- 10:42-12:36

Josie’s and Grace’s Advice for Other Young Authors- 12:36-15:44

Grace and Josie explaining imagining the Story vs. imagining the Audience- 15:44-16:58

Josie’s and Grace’s Experience in KidsWrite- 16:58-19:20

Grace’s and Josie’s Role Models in Writing- 19:20-22:18

Jodin Introduction and “I Have No Idea” Synopsis and Basic Information - 22:18-24:54

Jodin’s Writing Background- 24:54-25:20

Jodin’s Inspiration- 25:20-26:03

Jodin’s Experience in KidsWrite- 26:03-26:55

Advice for what to do if you think you are a writer? - 26:55- 29:00

Outro- 29:00-30:18

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